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Teuvan Grill

The Teuvan LPG Grill is a must at every event – with it you can grill food for a large number of people. Getting it ready for use is quick and easy – all you need is a gas cylinder to connect to the grill. The grill is easy to transport and assemble. Grease collection trays (a set of 3) are included in the delivery. They make cleaning the grill body easier because they can simply be washed under running water or wiped with kitchen towel after use. The delivery does not include the gas cylinder. The product is 100% designed and made in Finland.

Teuva-nestekaasugrillit väliaikaisesti loppu varastosta. Saatavilla taas 16.1.2023 alkaen. Voit tehdä tilauksen ja lähetämme grillin heti niiden valmistuttua tilausjärjestyksessä.

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