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Food preparation devices

At many events, the time for selling food is short. There may be thousands of persons lined up to get food, which means that food must be prepared quickly and in large amounts at one time.

Due to their capacity, our cooking devices will pay for themselves very quickly. They can be used to quickly cook food for large groups of people. Our grill, for example, can fit more than one hundred sausages at a time. Our devices are also economical in their use of energy.

Our cooking devices make it possible to prepare different types of food at the same time. The devices can be handily transported by a vehicle and they are easy to assemble and disassemble. Due to removable parts, the devices are easy to keep clean.

Why Teuvan?

  • Praasu outdoor cooktop/barbeque/fireplace


    Grill, fry, cook and enjoy! The Praasu outdoor kitchen fireplace is perfect for innovative cooking with feeling. The word Praasu refers to a fire of...

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    1266,13  Alv. 0%

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  • Field Cooker FC30


    The FC30 field cooker can operate under all conditions from the swelter of a savannah to sub-zero cold. This lightweight and easily movable field cooker...

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  • Paella Pan


    The Paella pan is a great equipment for every event - with this, you can quickly cook for up to 50 people. This pan allows...

    Delivery: 1-5 days

    956,00  Alv. 24%
    770,97  Alv. 0%

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  • Field Cooker FC75


    The FC75 is a light and easily moved field cooker suitable for catering 150–200 persons. Its structure is durable and intended for a long service...

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    6682,16  Alv. 0%

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  • Teuvan Grill


    The Teuvan LPG Grill is a must at every event – with it you can grill food for a large number of people. Getting it...

    Delivery: 1-5 days

    1380,00  Alv. 24%
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